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Welcome To Act and Sound Academy

Act and Sound Academy in Jalandhar is a dynamic institute for learning arts and music. The leading school is running courses in modelling, singing, dancing, acting, and music. Every student is valuable for us and we make sure that we enable them to develop and flourish in their related careers. Every student is given individual attention by the dedicated trainer. The courses are designed in tune with the current trends.

We are a country rich with talents in all different forms of arts. Act and sound is a complete school for various forms of arts and music. With a team of professional and experienced faculties, we have established ourselves as the best learning platform. Youngsters are getting ready to perform, playback, model, act, and dance. We are helping students to sharpen their skills and help them to bring out their hidden talents.

DANCE CLASSES IN JALANDHAR - Act and Sound Dance Classes in Jalandhar are training talented youngsters to become professional dancers. We are catering to the need of proficiency in dance for all age groups. The trainers at our academy have experience in training kids, teenagers, youngsters, and adults above 30-40 years. Our dance academy provides reasonable training in all types of classical, semi-classical, western, Bollywood, and contemporary dance styles. Youngsters are also getting professional training courses in Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Zumba, and freestyle.

ACTING CLASSES IN JALANDHAR - Act and Sound is a reputed Acting School in Jalandhar. The academy is imparting training through various courses in dancing, singing, acting, and modelling. With a core competency in training the hidden talents of aspiring artists, we provide the best atmosphere. Our team of professional trainers work towards enhancing the overall personality of each and every student. We believe in creating confident and appealing personalities. Having a great personality is the key to become a successful actor.

SINGING CLASSES IN JALANDHAR - Singing is the art which is the most popular among masses. Act and Sound is offering formal training in vocals. Believing in this natural and inherent talent, we aim at creating creative and versatile singers and performers. The objective of our singing courses is to teach different genres of music. Professional training in rock, blues, classical, and other genres is delivered by the trained and established ustaad. The Singing Classes in Jalandhar not only provide training but also guide students to pursue an independent career.

MUSIC CLASSES IN JALANDHAR - The Sound and Act Academy is the Best Music School in Jalandhar for budding talents. We provide coaching in music production with special focus on mixing, recording, and audio production. We polish the inherent talents of the students to help them chose the right path in their career. Our academy is also providing courses for guitar, modelling, and acting. The training provided is in tune with the requirements of TV industry, radio, and independent music platform. Moreover, the technical skills with the latest music software are also developed. Act and Sound Music Institute in Jalandhar is focusing on the key elements behind music production. We not only provide courses in vocal, but also into composing, constructing, and recording. All the important tool and music technology knowledge is covered in our course modules. The team of talented music faculties train students for sound and acoustics, composition, and production technologies. The professional trainers are giving coaching to get ready for the field on practical basis. The courses in primary instrument studies at Act and Sound Music Classes in Jalandhar gives understanding of instruments. All rudimentary knowledge, technics, styles, and instrument pedagogy is closely studied through music instructors.

GUITAR CLASSES IN JALANDHAR - The guitar is a very popular musical instrument worldwide. It is a passion of thousands of music lovers and artists. Act and Sound Guitar Classes in Jalandhar is training students for learning guitar. The guitar is played by strumming as well by plucking the strings with one hand and fretting strings with the other. The earlier versions of instruments like lute, four-course renaissance guitar, and vihuela contributed to the development of modern guitar. Our core teaching in the guitar is a great way to start learning this popular instrument. The training is available for the beginners to learn guitar from a very basic level. The extensive course module teaches right from holding guitar and guitar pick, playing chords, and strumming. Learning with guitar playing songs make the learning a fun at Act and Sound Guitar Institute in Jalandhar.

MODELLING CLASSES IN JALANDHAR - Act and Sound Modelling Institute in Jalandhar is a unique platform for young aspiring models. The institute is the best place to learn social skills, personality development, and fashion modelling. We prepare youngsters wanting to choose the modelling career. Overall training for fashion modelling, ramp walk, social skills, and catwalk is given by apt trainers. The modelling courses not only cover lectures and instructions but also practical knowledge required to develop career. A dedicated training curriculum is designed to create professional fashion models. Act and sound Modelling Classes in Jalandhar follow a well-designed curriculum for systematic training. Act and sound Modelling School in Jalandhar is serving the city’s youngsters with an apt training. The institute is also a famous platform for learning music, dance, acting, and singing. With advanced curriculum and practical training, the institute is aiming to create performers, artists, and models. The course fees are also in reasonable and allow students to learn during convenient timings.


Scf No.8,BSF Colony,Opp Hmv College Petrol Pump, Jalandhar, Punjab 144004
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